Construction Dispute Specialists.

With decades of in-field construction experience and a nuanced understanding of the industry from technical, commercial, and contractual perspectives, we build cases that hold up.

Build a winning case.

New Bearing strengthens your claim at each step in the process with clear, credible, field-informed reports and analysis.

The go-to dispute experts for construction and law firms.

We're former contractors with decades of in-field experience.


We've experienced and successfully resolved your challenges and disputes firsthand. We bring refreshing clarity, practicality, and accountability to the claims and dispute process.

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We untangle all the construction complexity, so you don't need to.


With a combination of in-field experience, contract knowledge, and mature technical and commercial expertise, we translate the nuances of construction disputes into material that builds a convincing case.

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Get the facts you need to understand the claim.


Our extensive in-field experience enables us to interpret, explain, and attest credibly to complex insurance claims' technical and commercial nuances.

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We leverage our expertise to help you defend and counter claims.


As former contractors with decades of experience in the field, we understand construction, sequencing, delay, and productivity. Get the knowledge you need to win.

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Not your average
dispute specialists.


Our expertise spans technical, commercial, and contractual spheres, so we can examine the issues from every angle to uncover the broader context and implications.


We structure engagements with clearly defined deliverables, milestones, timeframes, and costs to deliver, ensuring we are accountable and reliable at every step.


With decades of in-field experience as contractors, we develop and present your claim with facts and narratives that hold up under scrutiny and are tangible and easy to understand.


We are not consulting generalists. We are construction specialists who focus exclusively on dispute resolution for this industry. It's all we do.

Claim & Change Production

Present or defend your position convincingly.

We present or defend your position so you can settle your issue when it arises. We do this by clarifying your arguments and presenting information clearly and concisely.

Delay & Quantum Analysis

Know the facts and get the full picture.

We regularly complete delay and quantum analysis to support claims, adjudication and mediation briefs, ensuring you know what happened and can easily communicate the facts to others.

Expert Services

Expert mediation, arbitration, and litigation support.

We support mediation, arbitration, and litigation with expert reports, replies and testimony for delay and quantum. These services reflect technical and commercial expertise gained during decades of infield experience.