We cover all the angles.
You get the full picture.

Extensive in-field experience combined with technical and commercial expertise helps us uncover complex projects' deeper context and interdependencies.

We reconstruct the full picture by seeing what other consultants miss and connecting all the dots.

For claims involving quantum or delay, New Bearing can help you understand the substance and context of the claim. Our dispute resolution services for insurers include:

  • Defending claims
  • Preparing delay and quantum analyses
  • Producing expert delay and quantum reports

We bring the right people with the
right experience, so you get the
right details when facing a claim.

Not your average dispute specialists. Not your average results.

Our difference lies in the breadth of our expertise, the depth of our construction knowledge, and the credibility that comes with decades of experience as contractors.


Our expertise spans technical, commercial, and contractual spheres.


In-field experience helps us understand and communicate the facts clearly.


We focus exclusively on construction dispute resolution services for insurers.

Dispute resolution services
for insurers.

Delay Analysis

Whether you need the claim assessed and quantified against the plan, or a full Windows analysis of the project, we have the in-house expertise to help you understand the events in full.

Quantum Development & Analysis

We help challenge the claims for costs with trusted analysis and opinions from accredited quantity surveyors and commercial managers experienced in the detailed quantum evaluation.

Expert Services

We support Insurers with expert reports, replies and testimony for delay and quantum, that reflect our education, qualifications and our technical and commercial expertise gained from decades of infield experience.

Dispute Resolution Services
for Insurers Q&A

Send us an email or give us a call. Once we clear any conflicts and we get a brief understanding of the challenge you face, we'll provide you with a proposal for our engagement.

Yes. We regularly provide expert opinion and reports on the topics of Delay and Quantum relating to insurance claims.

We hold confidentially in the highest regard at New Bearing. We never discuss cases or advertise who we work with. We are proud to help you, but we don't need anyone else to know what we do and who we do it for.

Yes. We don't wait until the very end to share our thoughts. You'll be clear on what we see and how we can help at every step.

Yes. We establish a mutually agreeable timeline for the work at the outset and consistently deliver within this timeline.