Untangled. Uncomplicated.
Uncovered. At every step.

We are contractor dispute specialists. We work with you and your legal counsel to clarify the issues, communicate your position, and create a compelling argument. We manage construction project disputes at every stage, from the initial presentation of claims to expert reports during litigation.

We use our hard-earned, real-world, in-field expertise to help you communicate the full story and make a winning case.

  • Presenting and defending claims
  • Preparing delay analyses
  • Preparing quantum analyses
  • Supporting the development of dispute briefs
  • Supporting mediation and litigation
  • Providing expert delay and quantum reports

Claim & Change Production

Present or defend your position convincingly.

We present or defend your position so you can settle your issue when it arises. We do this by clarifying your arguments and presenting information clearly and concisely.

Delay & Quantum Analysis

Know the facts and get the full picture.

We regularly complete delay and quantum analysis to support claims, adjudication and mediation briefs, ensuring you know what happened and can easily communicate the facts to others.

Expert Services

Expert mediation, arbitration, and litigation support.

We support mediation, arbitration, and litigation with expert reports, replies and testimony for delay and quantum. These services reflect technical and commercial expertise gained during decades of infield experience.

Contractor dispute
resolution services

Contract Risk Assessment

We review the contracts for a planned tender or successful bid from all angles and score the issues against our comprehensive risk matrix to help you avoid the traps and escape the learning curve.

On-Call Commercial Support

For many of our clients, a full-time contractor dispute specialist on the Project is simply a cost their customers cannot afford. That's why we created our on-call service: you get and pay for experienced commercial support only when you need it. 

Claims & Change, Drafting & Presentation

We work with your team to understand the facts and get a clear picture of what has happened. We then take that information and apply our experience and knowledge to present or defend your position clearly and cogently.

Claim Evaluation & Negotiation

From helping you dispute a claim you have received to developing or supporting your negotiation strategy, we've got the right people to help you to be successful. 

Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation Support

We support internal and external counsel with mediation, arbitration and litigation by providing experts in construction, contracts, and scheduling, so even when the original team has gone, you have what you need to get the answers you require.

Quantum Development & Analysis

We help you present your costs or challenge claims for costs received, with trusted opinions from accredited quantity surveyors and commercial managers who are experienced in the detailed evaluation of quantum.

Dispute Notice & Briefs

Explaining late-stage disputes with their own unique phrasing for events and impacts is complex, especially if the original team is no longer available. We specialize in collating and untangling information like this into clear and concise briefs.

Delay Analysis

Whether you need your delay established and quantified against your plan or a full windows analysis of the project, we have the in-house expertise to help you understand the events that really delayed you.

Expert Services

We support mediation, arbitration and litigation with expert reports, replies and testimony for delay and quantum that reflect our education, qualifications, technical and commercial expertise gained from decades of in-field experience.

We have been where
you are now.

We use our hard-earned, real-world, in-field expertise to help you
communicate the full story and make a winning case.

Contractor Dispute
Specialists Q&A

We are contractor dispute specialists. We take claims and change issues that have become disputes for parties and we uncover, untangle and uncomplicate the issue. This often means we bring a new perspective or angle that allows the dispute to be viewed differently.

We then help you communicate this clearly, whether by a document we help you write, a presentation we set you up to deliver or a report we produce. We can also engage with your team and reduce their burden by taking on the work of progressing the dispute.

Totally fine by us. We structure our proposals so you have lots of off-ramps and choices, so you only get the service from us that you need. We can also provide on-call or ad hoc services as needed.

We are transparent about our hourly rates, and if you want to test an idea or have us join call or test a strategy, we are happy to help.

Not a problem. We design our engagement so you have regular contact, updates and clarity on next steps. If your situation changes, we can adapt as needed, either by pressing pause or by updating our proposal to reflect a different scope of work.

Great! We regularly provide on-demand commercial and schedule support for live projects, even before they result in disputed change situations.

We do this. Whether it is for an executive or a board looking for an independent sense check, or an in-house counsel seeking a second opinion, we are an opinion you can trust.